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25k for 25years

Liverpool Irish Centre and Liverpool Irish Rovers fundraiser

Thanks to Chrissi Teare for the wonderful write up of today's walk, jog, run

Ah, the hearty throng of Liverpool, where the spirit of Erin finds its second home, a congregation of kindred souls marking twenty-five years at the new abode in Tuebrook. A quarter-century in the nook where echoes of the old land's lilt and lore weave through the very bricks, calling forth a pilgrimage to celebrate in grand fashion.

To commemorate this silver jubilee, forty-five and a half stout-hearted folks embarked upon a five-kilometre jaunt, looping from the new Irish Centre in Tuebrook to the venerable halls of the old Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant. Ah, Mount Pleasant, a name resonant with memories and melodies, a place where the footsteps of the past converge with the present's eager strides.

The assembly, a merry mix, gathered with gusto. Thirty seven adults and eight children, full of verve and vigour, and one more yet to see the light of day, cocooned in the warmth of a mother's womb, joining in anticipation. Four clusters they formed, each according to their mettle and zeal.

First, the hardcores, a quintet of iron-willed runners, tackled five circuits, each five kilometres, marking twenty-five kilometres on their odometer of endurance. The tough ones followed, a hardy band taking on ten kilometres, a distance demanding and deliberate. Then came the five-kilometre runners, swift and steady, keeping pace with the pulse of celebration.

Lastly, the walkers, the leisurely strollers who, with a twinkle in their eye, paused for the simple pleasures—a cup of hot chocolate, a bite of doughnut—rendering their calorie count a whimsical counterbalance of intake and exertion.

This day, a tapestry of togetherness, served a noble cause. With each step and stride, they raised funds for a children's playground, a haven where the young of the Irish Centre may frolic and flourish, their laughter a living legacy. So, dear reader, heed this call—dig deep and donate, for the future's playground awaits your generosity.

Vicky count:1

Paul Count:2

If you would like to donate...

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