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Liverpool Irish Fluteband

The Liverpool Irish Fluteband meet at Liverpool Irish Centre on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday of each month.


Banna Fliuit Learpholl Liverpool Irish Fluteband

We are an Irish marching band (flutes & drums) based at Liverpool Irish Centre. We formed the band back in 1996 (originally as the James Larkin Flute Band), so we are now 28 years on the road! 


Our main aims back then are the same as they are now:

    1. To celebrate the proud history and promote the unique and vibrant culture of the Liverpool Irish community, through our music, parades and events. 

    2.To contribute to the ongoing campaign for the peaceful reunification of Ireland. 


Band Practice

We are always keen to welcome new members to the Band. Tuition can be given on flute and drum, so no previous musical experience is necessary. We are also looking for new recruits who would like to join our colour party (as flag carriers). Individuals from all backgrounds are welcome (age 16+). You just need to have an interest in Irish music & culture, a passion for the Liverpool Irish identity, and a willingness to learn and play your part. 

Our Band practice sessions are held each first and second Wednesday of the month (7.30pm start) in the Main Hall at the Irish Centre.


We are Scouse Irish & Proud, marching on the road to Irish Unity.. Come and join us, and play your part!

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