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World War 1 Remembered - Irene Stuart


They stand in line looking neither left nor right

Young boys tall and straight going off to fight

Excited, nervous, never left home

Lived with family, never been alone

Never strayed far from village or town

Going off to war for King and Crown

Been given the King's Shilling, an honour they are told

A Pals battalion, strong and bold

They wait with baited breath as the crowds whoop and cheer

Give those Germans what for, there's nothing to fear

The drum major indicates let's strike up the band

Off to be soldiers in a foreign land

Don't worry lads you'll be home before long

It will be over by Christmas as they burst into song

Chests burst with pride as they march to the tune

Pack Up Your Troubles see you again soon

But behind the facade, there is anxiety

What war will bring is a mystery

What lies ahead nobody knows

Who will survive the onslaught from the foe

Who will die in battle, suffer in body and mind

Sacrifice their life for the future of mankind

If only they had known what lay ahead

700,000 would soon lie dead

Kitchener has declared, Your Country Needs You

The boys rallied to the call, let's show the Hun who's who

Comrades in arms they laugh and joke on route

Issued with rifles they have learned how to shoot