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Will You Come To The Bower - Nora Peake

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping your spirits up. I’m having a little search and play of tunes I’d forgotten. This one is from The Dubliners and reminds me of the times in Mount Pleasant, like at St Michael's, there were fabulous concerts.

One of the people who played there was Anna McGoldrick. Remember her? I was relatively young then, but we attended the concert with our family, so this song - amongst others holds fabulous memories.

Anna was born in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan which, for some unknown reason, is a town which has produced more than its fair share of Irish showband talent. She came to prominence on the Irish scene in 1968 when she sang Gleann Na Smol, an entry in the 4th Annual Irish National Song Contest.

Which concerts, singers, artists or groups do you remember and why? Let The Irish Centre know and maybe we can rekindle some old memories .

Take care and stay safe, best wishes as ever, Nora

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