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The Spotted Dog Set - Ciara Owens

Ambedo Productions is a field recording company that takes the production out of the studio and into acoustically interesting locations. They have recorded a variety of folk musicians in different spaces around England, capturing music in natural and vibrant spaces that pay homage to the cultural history behind the genre. With some exciting recordings being released throughout the month, Ambedo UK are working on putting together a debut CD of all the gorgeous spaces and musicians to showcase the alternative recording techniques.

Check out their Facebook page to listen to some great recordings!

In this taster clip you can hear Ciara Owens playing in the Williamson Tunnels.

Ciara is a regular at the Centre having grown up as an Irish dancer with the Bolger Cunningham School of Irish Dancing. She started playing the Mandolin with the amazing Andy Saunders through Liverpool Comhaltas (based at the Centre) when she was seven and after a couple of years, moved on to the Banjo.

In this track Ciara plays a set of jigs called The Spotted Dog (Trad.), Seanamhac Tube (Trad.) and Mouse in the Kitchen (Colin Farrell).

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