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The Loughran School of Irish Dance with Megan Loughran

Updated: May 1, 2020

As someone who is used to working 3 jobs and hardly ever having a minute to think, lockdown had the potential to be a difficult time for me.

However as an Openreach engineer I’m classed as a key worker, so I am still going to work every day and doing what I can to stay busy!

Loughran School of Irish Dance is the dance school that my sister Rebecca, Auntie Tara and I are all TCRGs at. We teach from toddler right through and usually have class at least 3 times a week, and Feiseanna almost every weekend - travelling up and down the country to support our dancers.

During Holy Week we were supposed to be competing at the 50th Anniversary World Championships in Dublin, which due to COVID-19, was unfortunately cancelled. This was an extremely difficult decision for the class and teachers who had all worked so hard all year for this event. When lockdown hit and we had to cancel our classes, we had to think of a way to keep Team Loughran motivated and dancing.

We host online group zoom classes 3+ times a week where we get to see everyone, teach new material, run personal training classes, mini private lessons, and set challenges. Weekly challenges range from art and memory challenges to making up dances with family members, and earning awards for progress and flexibility. We also host family quizzes and Irish dancing quizzes, and even had a live makeup lesson! Check out our latest ‘TikTok challenge’ below and on our Facebook or Instagram, we all had so much fun.

We absolutely can’t wait to get back to “real” classes and know that these times won’t last forever. One thing I’ve found out lately - Team Loughran are resilient. We will continue to fight, persevere and have fun - making the most of the cards that we are dealt!


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