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The Journey from Wales to Birmingham

Another day on the road - soon we'll be in the year of our Lord, 2021.

Our journey will be over, as we take part in a new journey, in a new year.

Keep truckin' soldiers.

We're running down the canals.

We've visited many places, young Pat.

We've clocked up many miles in the Welsh countryside.

We've had lovely strolls on Welsh beaches, alas, we can not stay.

Time for some smoke, and some smog. We're in Birmingham - Thanks Paul!

Oh, nice, at least we can do a spot of shopping. Oh, wait a minute.

We can't! Welcome to 2021 chaps, the same as 2020. Rinse and repeat.

And on to the final day, the only way is Liverpool, with a wee stop on the way.


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