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St Patrick's Day - The Recipes

A very ‘HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY’ to everyone from me, Nora, via the Liverpool Irish Centre. We have posted a lot of crafts, arts and baking videos for you to have a go over the past year since the last Saint Patrick’s Day when everything closed down into a different world .

Who knew that we would be in lockdown for so long and yet the Irish centre has continued to open and expand the shop products and provided entertainment in many forms. However, we are having a bake off today with requested and popular Irish dishes and which, we hope, you will follow the recipes and instructions within the videos to have a go at some of these for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Have some home made Soda Bread, chaps.

Did you know, we sell Odlum's Soda Bread Mix in our shop?

One for the Emerald Evertonians

Who wouldn't want a Guinness cake?

Have a lovely day and the best of wishes to each and everyone.

: “La Fheile Padraig sona daoibh go leir.” Nora x


Liverpool Irish Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank Nora Peake, for all of her hard work over the past year. She hasn't been paid a dime. She's just a star. She's as mad as a hatter, but she's ace!

What a woman, she's helping us upgrade our shop too. All of this while suffering bouts of ill health. If only we had 100 Nora's!

Nora has provided lots of support for our St.Patrick's Celebrations - procuring lots of videos for us to share, as well as baking just for us and videoing herself. She's also great moral support for our manager. Love those phone calls! You're a star Nora - never change x

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