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St Patrick's Day - The Hooley of all Hooleys

Right lads, it's 7pm we've had a fair few jars. Well, we couldn't turn up to Patsy's sober could we?

First though, we'll have to keep it together as we're having a ceili round our Heritage and we're sure you're having a ceili round your kitchen. The great Michael Coyne takes it away. So happy to see him playing at The Centre for the first time in over a year!

When two Coyne's team up - it's absolute perfection.

Oh Jesus, she's on form as ever. Its great to see her have a bit of craic and interacting with her fans on the livestream.

Have the full part one version below, a few minutes of Patsy just isn't enough 💚

Amazing Patsy - such a legend! With all you do for our Irish Community.

Next up, and our final act for the evening. The amazing Mollys...

Wish you were all in our Irish Pub

Amazing lads, we can't wait to see you both at The Centre - Check our YouTube channel for more.