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St.Patrick's Day - Podcasts and Pianos

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

It's 5pm now, we've had an abundance of messages, we've been baking soda bread and we need to relax for a while.

Que the lovely Catriona Grimes for some sultry Irish piano playing. What a lady she is, such a talent.

We're over the moon with Catriona, she's done about 5 livestreams for us now and in her own words "I have a love for the Liverpool Irish centre now'' what a star!

We're feeling super relaxed after that - time to have a chat with some new friends. Maybe we'll grab that bag of cans now - for pre-drinks of course.

Podcast time:

We're new to the podcast game and it isn't the most professional set-up, but the main thing is who is around the table. We had plenty, from Peter Reid's brother to Sligo Rovers, Fans Supporting Foodbanks and those crackin' lads at Emerald Everton.

Give it a listen, we have some right Craic here.

That's us warmed up, we've sunk a few cans now and we're just waiting for Coyney.

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