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Spud Selfies - Phase 1 Gallery

Welcome to our Phase 1 instalment of Spuds - If you haven't heard, we've been designing spuds and nominating our friends to design them too. It's just a wee fundraiser to support us through these difficult moments. Take a peek and be a spud.

Kirby Spud

Editing Spud

Artistic Spud with Sad Doggy Spud

Simpson Spud

Mayo and Spuds

Knitting Spud

Running Spud

Fried Spud

President Spud

Dancing Spud

Cute Spuds

More Cute Spuds

Sinn Féin Spud

Flossy Chop Spud

Orange Armagh Spud


It's super easy! Design your spud, donate £2 to our PayPal, nominate 2 friends, share your spuds to your own social media and then inbox your spuds to one of our social media channels or send them to

We'll be sharing your spuds to our followers, with a combined audience of over 11,000! We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Get yours in soon to be featured in our Phase 2 Spud Gallery

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