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Patsy - The Livestream III

Well chaps, on Friday evening (12th February) we gave you Patsy once more, how could we not? What have you been doing since the last stream?...Waiting for the next one of course.

We absolutely love her, we want her to be our cool auntie who slides us a sly glass of wine

when our mum isn't looking - star.

She hit fantastic numbers again, with her streams racking up over 7,000 views and counting. Netting us lots of new followers - Leeds and Birmingham Irish Centre - we're catching up.

We would say the thing we appreciate most about Patsy doing these streams, for both us and you - is that she has this knack of generating an excitement amongst our long-standing members. It's great to see people who don't usually get on Facebook, finding out how to work it - just because they've heard of Patsy. Well, we've all heard of you now Patsy - Keep it going.

Will she be back again? Of course, there's a certain special day on the horizon.

You heard it here first chaps.

Once again, thank you Patsy, legend, star and all round good egg.

Click the link below for the full versions on Facebook:

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