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Nora and The Cookstown Gammon

One happy lady

Gammon, champ and veg


Place 1 onion and chosen vegetables, cut into similar size chunks, into pan (any veg will do)

Add the gammon and add sufficient cold water to just cover top gammon

Boil up and then simmer for 45 minutes.

Remove the gammon and set aside

As the vegetables will be cooked you can add cornflour or cooked potatoes to this and blitz it to make a lovely thicker soup.

Once you put the soup into the bowl place some cubes of gammon on top and a swirl of cream.


Once the gammon has been poached in the pan for 45 minutes the salt will have been removed.

After leaving this aside for five minutes remove any rind And cut into the fat making diamond shapes.

Add together marmalade or honey with a teaspoon of mustard or mixed herbs to make a paste and brush over the gammon. Add cloves into the cut diamond shapes on the fat.

Place the gammon into a ovenproof dish lined with silver foil. Cover the gammon up with the foil and place into 170° oven for 30 minutes.

After 15 minutes remove the foil to expose the gammon and rebrush with the remaining mixture.

Place back into the oven exposed for another 15 minutes.

Allowed to cool for a short while before slicing


Boil up some potatoes mashed them adding some cream or buttermilk and Some butter. Mix the potatoes until creamy and then carefully add in the scallions

Place into a dish and make a well in the middle to add another lump of butter.

Cook your own vegetables to choice and serve. Enjoy.

Gammon and chicken pie Four cooked chicken breast cut into cubes add rosemary while cooking.

300 mls of chicken stock One leek cut into small pieces Boil leek in stock until tender Add diced chicken and 200g cooked gammon to heat. Add teaspoon mustard Remove from heat and add 2tblspn cream or fromage frais. Add liquid to just come upto meat when placed in dish. Save remaining for gravy. Four potatoes cooked and mashed Add tablespoon cream or fromage frais Salt and pepper Two parsnips poached and mashed and added to the potato. Add salt pepper and grated carrot to potato mash. Place Parmesan cheese on top and place under grill to melt or Allow dish to cool completely then put in 170 degrees oven to heat up for 20/30 minutes. Serve with vegetables of choice and enjoy .


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