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Minutes from Last Years AGM 2021

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Liverpool Irish Centre

Thursday 16th September 2021 at 7pm at 6 Boundary Lane Liverpool L6 5JG


A booklet showing and reporting on the activities offered by the Centre was available to all those in attendance.  

Paul MacDonald was appointed teller.

A register was taken of members and those in attendance.  Apologies were received from the Mr and Mrs Quinlan, and Mr and Mrs England.

1 Minutes of the AGM dated 28 April 2019


2 Report on the Accounts to the year end March (2020 and 2021)

Guy Playfer went through the main points arising from the accounts.  The accounts can be filed subject to some changes to the trustees’ report.  The cash position has stabilized and strengthened.  Main features are the big drop in bar income because of Covid and a corresponding drop in wages; a large increase in grants; a small surplus in commercial activities as compared to the prior year’s loss.  Overall the accounts position is quite positive and if high levels of activity in bar and shop are maintained the surplus should grow.  Recent management accounts which show a reasonable surplus reflect that also.

3 Treasurer’s report

Tony Grimes reiterated the positive report from Guy and explained the interaction between the trading and funding accounts.  The Chair thanked Guy who left the meeting.


4 Election of new trustees to the committee

A vote was taken and votes were counted by the Teller.  Kathryn Dickinson, Eamon Sexton Maureen Royce, Kevin Brennan and Ronan Macgabhan were elected to the Committee.  Patrick Gaul was elected to remain on the Committee.  Paul Kangley objected that he had not received Notice but it was explained that the Notice inviting applications had been posted on the website and notice board and had been referred to in the weekly email to those on the email list.