LOCKDOWN 2: A Community Led Response!

As part of the Liverpool Irish Centre response to the second lockdown, we'd love to re-instate our Lockdown diaries.

For this we will need your help, we are opening up our website for the whole community, got a story you'd like to share? A favourite song you'd like to write about? A favourite poem you must share with the community? Want to tell us how you're keeping busy in this second lockdown? The world is your oyster, you can talk about anything you wish...Just keep it PG.

How about your memories of the old Irish Centre? Or a special party or event that's happened in our current home? Want to give a free music lesson or a talk on the history of GAA. You get the point... Ideas on a postcard.

Have a look back into our blogs history for ideas.

Please send any ideas or entries to info@liverpoolirishcentre.org we can't wait to share them.