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Irish Centre Memories - Paul Ungi

I wasn’t born in Liverpool but all my family are and were, I was born in Malaysia and Liverpool was the 1st UK city that i lived in and I visited it from the age of 3. I can still remember the smell of the factories when crossing the Runcorn Bridge.

My Nan and Grandad lived in Hunts Cross - a mixture of Scotts and Irish genes and my Dads side were of Philippine decent and also Irish, so I am a Mongrel, but my DNA holds a large percentage of Celt and I love the Irish side the most.

I have held a huge interest in Irish politics and Irish music, over the years, a supporter of London Irish rugby (as i live down South) and Celtic FC. I love a good Irish ballad to sing along to whether its a rebel or a love song, I love Guinness and Irish whiskies (especially when consumed together.)

My memories of being a child in Hunts Cross, Dads side lived down the Dingle and later onto Speke, my parents and my Grandparents would visit the old Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant and I remember them going out, over to the centre, I think to watch The Dubliners or The Fureys, could have been both, but I remember them rolling in drunk and putting The Dubliners on the record player, waking me up and having the neighbours round to have a wee singalong, I finally got off to sleep, but awoke in the morning to them still partying hard and singing and laughing…