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Irish Centre Memories - Paul Ungi

I wasn’t born in Liverpool but all my family are and were, I was born in Malaysia and Liverpool was the 1st UK city that i lived in and I visited it from the age of 3. I can still remember the smell of the factories when crossing the Runcorn Bridge.

My Nan and Grandad lived in Hunts Cross - a mixture of Scotts and Irish genes and my Dads side were of Philippine decent and also Irish, so I am a Mongrel, but my DNA holds a large percentage of Celt and I love the Irish side the most.

I have held a huge interest in Irish politics and Irish music, over the years, a supporter of London Irish rugby (as i live down South) and Celtic FC. I love a good Irish ballad to sing along to whether its a rebel or a love song, I love Guinness and Irish whiskies (especially when consumed together.)

My memories of being a child in Hunts Cross, Dads side lived down the Dingle and later onto Speke, my parents and my Grandparents would visit the old Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant and I remember them going out, over to the centre, I think to watch The Dubliners or The Fureys, could have been both, but I remember them rolling in drunk and putting The Dubliners on the record player, waking me up and having the neighbours round to have a wee singalong, I finally got off to sleep, but awoke in the morning to them still partying hard and singing and laughing…

Many a good party would be held at Barford Road in Hunts Cross.

I miss those that would tell long tales of life at sea and those that had passed before.

My Nan's side, The Farrells, would always come over when docking from whatever Country they were travelling from, for a party, to this day I will still visit The Caledonian to watch my Cousin sing in his band.

The last visit I was able to make was the spreading of my Mum and Dads ashes from the Ferry over the Mersey and I haven’t been able to get back since due to Covid … but when I next get home, I will do my duties and place flowers on the various graves and visit our old haunts, I will say a few Prayers, being the good Catholic that I am - and then I'll come to Liverpool Irish Centre on Boundary Lane and get drunk in their honour and together, we can raise a glass.

The pictures are mainly of the Farrell clan that married the Murphy mob, a few Ungi’s, but all frequented the old Irish Centre.

God Bless Em' All

Paul Ungi

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