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Happy St.Patrick's Day From New York

Happy St. Patrick's Day from New York!

Wishing a happy and safe day to all our friends and family at the Irish Centre!

And maybe a special hello to any of you who visited New York, and “Molly’s,” over the years.

(I remember the night it seemed like the whole Kirwan clan came in to Molly’s, and mercilessly made fun of me in front of my new girlfriend! Don't worry - she married me anyway, so no harm!)

I came to New York in 1987 and worked the bar on over thirty St. Patrick’s Days.

I hope I gave as warm a welcome as we have always been shown in the Irish Centre, Liverpool!

Hope also that we will soon be able to travel and see you all again.

Again, have a happy and healthy day!

Nick and Lauren Walsh

New York City.

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