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Emerald Everton - A Massive Thank You!

We've had cracking news this week, as we were approached by the good lads at Emerald Everton - Everton Supporters Club Ireland.

Everton and Ireland - sounds right up our street! No offence to the Liverpool fans, but we do have a high percentage of Evertonians involved with the centre - from Committee, to staff, to long time regulars. There's also a Seamus Coleman jersey on our wall, but we're not taking sides.

The good lads approached us with a very generous offer, they'll sell Everton Easter Lilys on our behalf and donate 4 Euro to us per badge. They had 100 badges. Of course, we thought this may take a couple of weeks....Not at all, they went live on the Emerald Everton Website on Wednesday and were completely gone by Thursday! That's some going lads...

Boss them, aren't they.

Word from the Dublin lads, they could've easily sold 100 more.

We were blown away by their generosity and the way they handled all the admin behind it too, which we know, can be very difficult and truly deserves our praise.

We can only express our gratitude, and say we look forward to creating a partnership with these guys in the future.

They're VIP's at The Centre, next time they're over for a game. Food and drink aplenty.

They're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Give them a follow.

If you see them at The Centre post Covid. Make them super welcome,

they've done a good deed for Liverpool's Irish Community.

Go raibh maith agat agus COYB!

We're feeling the spirit of The Blues...

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