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Clonmel on to Wexford

How could we not visit Clonmel?

The land of some of our most famous sons. Both with us and passed on...

The pubs in Ireland are shut, but the virtual sing-song remains in full progress.

But first, those pesky Dubs are still celebrating....In Croxteth? They get about.

Over to you lads...

Looks like we have an amateur photographer on our hands.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.

Go in Colin, we won't tell anyone. Though we do think our Guinness beats theirs.

Here's a picture of a cozy dog. You needed it, you just didn't know it yet.

A man on a mission, a mission to run.

Lets relax here in Wexford for a while, we've got ducks to feed.

The boys and girls running for Cafod today in Wavertree (The Mystery)

Give em' a proper Wexford poem...

Lets take the puppers for a walk, a cheeky 4km added.

At Boolavogue, as the sun was setting. Dare you to not sing along.

A big thumbs up fellas, we'll be hitting the glorious County Wicklow tonight!

Sore legs, lads, sore legs.


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