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Christmas Day in Dungarven

Just like that, we're in Dungarven - we've clocked up the miles here people. Lets spend Christmas day here. Heard the Irish mammies make crackin' Christmas dinners.

Deise Abu, indeed, big man.

She's a pretty one. Here we are at that old Viking settlement.

Well isn't this just the best thing you've seen all day. Now we feel really welcome.

What's that? A song...don't mind if we do.

Lets take a wee jog to The Marine Bar, Dungarven - have a few jars.

Good man, Christy! Be sure to visit the good chaps if you get a chance,

This picture just smells fresh...

There's literally always room for another song...Doing more strumming than running Patrick?

We're dancing the night away. Yee Haw.

We've officially declared 'Hup'.

A lovely Christmas day in Dungarven, but, no rest for the wicked and

it's off to Clonmel next, then on to Wexford.


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