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Cahirsiveen - Carmel Robinson

The beautiful town of Cahirsiveen in Co Kerry is where my family originate from and where I was born. My Dad was a driver on the old “puffing billy” steam trains and my Mam was a Station Master. As the south west railway line gradually closed we were transferred from Cahirsiveen to various other stations, eventually arriving in Cork.

Our summer holidays were always spent in Cahirsiveen and this continues to this day. Cahirsiveen is seeped in beauty, culture and history. The following poem, written by Sigerson Clifford, describes Cahirsiveen much more eloquently than I could. I hope you enjoy it.

"The Boys Of Barr Na Sráide"

Oh, the town, it climbs the mountains and looks upon the sea

At sleeping time or waking time, it's there I'd like to be

To walk again those kindly streets, the place where life began

With the Boys of Barr na Sráide who hunted for the wren

With cudgels stout they roamed about to hunt for the dreólín

We searched for birds in every furze from Litir to Dooneen

We danced for joy beneath the sky, life held no print nor plan

When the Boys of Barr na Sráide went hunting for the wren

And when the hills were bleedin' and the rifles were aflame

To the rebel homes of Kerry the Saxon strangers came

But the men who dared the Auxies and fought the Black-and-Tan

Were the Boys of Barr na Sráide who hunted for the wren

But now they toil in foreign soil where they have made their way

Deep in the heart of London or over on Broadway

And I am left to sing their deeds and praise them while I can

Those Boys of Barr na Sráide who hunted for the wren