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Annie Mc

Sunday 29th January 5pm

Annie was born in Birkenhead of Irish parents. She first started singing at 15 in her brother’s group called (Anne and the Countrymen)

She then joined two men in another group in the eighties. This lasted three years. Annie then took a break to raise her children. She took a part-time job as a cleaner but was so frustrated because she just wanted to sing. One day her brother left a keyboard in her house. She began to play around on it and realised she could play it. READ MORE....

This was her opportunity to finish cleaning and go back singing again, only this time as a one-man band.

After lots of nights practising she was ready to hit the road again with her new keyboard

Bookings began to come in fast and furious. All word of mouth. Anne couldn’t have been happier working for herself

Travelling all around the country, very tiring, but so exciting. Going to Ireland every summer Annie put the gear in the car and sang in pubs and clubs there. It was a man’s world.T here were no other women in this business and so was a bit of a novelty. Working men’s clubs were tough as men would often shout up jibes but Annie being very quiet learned to ignore them and just carry on, however those men soon began to respect her and soon all became good friends.

Twenty years later Annie is in a pub in Liverpool and meets Charlie Lansborough. He asks her had she tried writing her own songs. Annie said she couldn’t spell never mind write!. Anyway that night she went home and wrote her first song called THE STRANGER.

About Charlie himself. From that moment the pen hasn’t stopped writing.

One hundred songs to date.

Currently working on album 8 and 9. Sometimes the words come first and sometimes the music. Annie writes all her own lyrics and music and sound production. Annie is at her happiest when she’s in the studio creating music. She likes to experiment with different genre’s as she doesn’t want to be compelled to one style of music. She records at HQ studios in Manchester.

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