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A Notice To All Members

Formal notice to all members

The Liverpool Irish Centre Annual General meeting will take place on Thursday 16th September 2021 at 7pm at The Liverpool Irish Centre 6 Boundary Lane Liverpool. All paperwork is on our website in advance of the meeting, including the accounts, Acting Chair report, Trustee applications and minutes of AGM April 2019

The meeting will not be set out in theatre style, people will be seated at tables. It would help us with numbers if you can let Maureen Morrison know if you are attending.


1 Minutes of the AGM dated 28 April 2019

2 Report on the Accounts to the year end March 2019/ 2020

3 Report of the Chair on the activities of the Liverpool Irish Centre 2019-2021

4 Election of new trustees to the committee

5 Business plan

6 Report on the premises at Boundary Lane.

Chair Report
Download PDF • 1.33MB

Minutes of AGM 2019
Download PDF • 1.14MB

Trustee applications
Download PDF • 2.67MB

signed accounts 2019
Download PDF • 4.62MB

signed accounts 2020
Download PDF • 4.86MB

LIC draft accounts 2021
Download PDF • 58KB

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