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A Nights Rest in County Laois and a Day In Kilkenny

It was Christmas eve babe, in Kilkenny...

Lets see what today brings, but first a musical interlude from Niamh

Right, lets get popping. Long day ahead of us....

Christmas eve in the woods - any sign of Kris Krinkle of Kilkenny?

The satisfaction when you complete your yards early...

Jesus, its Father, not that one.

Richie and Elaine or Liam and Noel - Who wore it better?

What a cutie! Right lads, Santa is on the way to Waterford!

Big Kev with the social distance stick, it's raining Kilkenny cats in Crosby.

Because there is ALWAYS time for a song - well we are Irish...

Never have I ever, saw 3 women that look as alike as that. It's a madness.

Fancy lending those lucky Converse to the Mayo team? They need everything they can get.

Just like that, we're on the one road...Next stop Dungarven.


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