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A Mischievous Child, Irish Centre Memories 2 - Hazel Kirby

...One day when Hazel was at school, age about 7 or 8 and always mischievous when her dad was away (possibly why her Auntie Mollie told Hazel to ‘sit quietly, behave and not be mischievous whilst in the cathedral cafe) young Hazel was in a very naughty and mischievous mood and so whilst the nun wasn’t watching she wrote her name on her school young Hazel had wrote on the school desk before and the observant nun suspected this young pupil but Hazel made the mistake of writing her name!!

So she was told off by the nuns...they rang her mum and asked to see her, to discuss her daughter..... Hazel’s mum said, "wait till her dad is home from sea in two days," she listens to him” her poor dad, one step in the door and tired from being away at sea, was summoned by the nuns to his daughters school.

Hazel was sat at her desk, excited, as her dad would be home when she got in from school but then looked up to see through the glass window her Dad and the Nun....together! pointing and discussing her!

The frown upon her devoted dads troubled face meant their would be trouble in store.

Hazel was called out of the classroom and as she gazed up at her dad, the nun said to her dad “well, we have told her off several times at school and still Hazel is naughty and mischievous so is there a hobby like swimming or special treats that you can withhold?...her Dad hesitated then replied, “well stopping swimming wouldn’t bother her” he thought, he looked, he thought more, he shuffled his feet about...he looked at his daughter then back to the nun....Hazel thought he wouldn’t, he couldn’t, then he said those words no daughter expects from a loving father!

“She would behave alright at school if I didn’t take her to the Irish Centre to do her Irish dancing”

Treachery, there it was!! young Hazel thought, he did it, he said it....but one things for sure Hazel never wrote on a school desk again!


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