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A Kind Word Never Broke Anyone's Mouth - Committee Blog, Tony Grimes

A kind word never broke anyone's mouth.

Friar Tuck

It's been interesting to ponder over the last few months about what real life is all about.

Is it the new car, the expensive holiday or an extra wing to your pile in Hobbit Shire.

All very nice and who doesn't like a bit of luxury.

What I will be looking forward to is the hug of a friend, a beer at the bar and the company of strangers. All very normal not so long ago.

While we continue to be in lockdown, my Mum has been unexpectedly quite fond of old episodes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and with this in mind....Don't ask the audience, don't take a 50/50 - but do phone a friend.

I can honestly say I have felt lonely at times and it must be that I am not alone during this period of enforced isolation and a phone call from friends and family are great for the spirit.

We are more than an Irish Centre and we reach out to you all with sincere love and support. TG x

Remember when we could do this?

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Nice words mate can’t wait.


Lovely words TG so true 💚

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