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Weekly Reading Group

We’re pleased to announce a brand new reading group, in partnership with The Reader Organisation.

Running every Wednesday at 6pm in The Heritage. Starting 3rd November.

We’ll be putting an Irish Centre slant on The Readers shared reading model.

We’ll be reading short stories and poems from Irish writers and drinking Irish tea and eating Kimberley biscuits.

Join the lovely Cecilia, every Wednesday at 6pm.

This is completely free including refreshments.

“It has revealed poetry/reading out loud as an incredible coping strategy – for my own wellbeing and others in many situations in the community.”

Reader Leader

Shared Reading inspires and supports people to read, aloud, together. It connects people to great stories and to each other.

In a Shared Reading session, a small group or pair of people come together on a weekly basis to explore a great novel, story or poem. The trained Reader Leader takes responsibility for reading out loud and facilitates relaxed and informal discussion that offers group members time and space to connect with the story in a live and personal way- sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas, or simply listening.

Group members begin to connect with themselves and each other in meaningful ways. Personal confidence and wellbeing improves, and a positive relationship with books, reading and their community flourishes. This collective approach to reading ensures that stories and poems are accessible to all- regardless of age, background or ability.

Impact stems from the model itself, which is:

*Regular – most groups run weekly, offering regular, much needed structure in sometimes lonely lives