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Tony Grimes’ Funeral Notice

Tony Grimes’ Funeral Notice

The funeral is on Fri 26th January with a service at St Anne’s RC Church, Overbury St at 11.15am, then to Anfield Crematorium for a short service, then back to St Michael’s Irish Centre for food and reminiscing/celebrating Tony’s life.

There will be no Wake/Rosary. Instead, for the whole week before the funeral the Funeral Directors (Co-op Funeral Care) Walton-Vale, will be available should anyone wish to visit Tony. Appointments can be made directly for day or evening visits.

Flowers will be provided by the family only.

Optional Mass Cards and/or donations to Woodlands Hospice please (Woodlands is a fantastic place where Tony spent his final 12 days)

Thank You

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Memories of Tony Grimes playing for John Mitchels 30+ years ago with my best mate, Nick Larkin, who departed us just over 5 years ago. Fabulous times in the old Irish Centre Mount Pleasant. Tony was a great lad and I'm sure greatly missed by many people across Liverpool. Dave Joshua

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