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The Logues - LIVEstream

We were over the moon to welcome The Logues to our Facebook Livestream on Wednesday 27th January. Not the full band, mind. Though we think you'll agree, 2 lads are a handful enough as it is. They went live from what they call 'The Venice of the Northwest' otherwise known as Castlederg, Co Tyrone. Take it away lads....

Try not to sing along to that one, lads.

We're super grateful to these crackin' lads, as we clocked up well over 5,000 views on our livestream and way over 500 comments, including many new followers.

We're spreading the word lads.

Someone hand these men a Bible.

Did we mention this was the Wine Wednesday takeover?

Someone's been at the whisky.

Okay, Wine Wednesday is truly kicking in now!

They've lost their troosers...

We'd like to say a big thank you to them for supporting The Centre, as we aim to increase our online exposure. You're great lads, we'll see you at The Centre post Covid.

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