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Maya - Staff Introduction

I'm Maya and I've worked at Liverpool Irish Centre for about 4 years now, I started in the shop at 16 and eventually moved on to the bar at 18. I grew up coming here with my family and some of the regulars have turned into second family over the years. I've got lots of fond memories of centre celebrities like Patsy playing the shovel and Kevin Robinson doing Brucey. Outside of work my hobbies are art and makeup and I post the things I make on an Instagram page (, so I've became the resident face painter and chalk board artist for whenever I'm needed.

Some of my favourite memories from being here have been our staff days/nights out like Arcains in the Baltic and going to the Manchester Christmas markets. Christmas, Halloween and the Panto are some of the best times of the year as we all get dressed up and have a big party. Some of the friends I've made here whether they're staff or customers have ended up being friends who I see in my own social life and I'll always stay in touch with!

The Irish Centre is unique because even though it's aim is to bring together the Irish community in Liverpool, it brings together every community. There's regulars here from my friends in their 20s to the faves in their 90s (Phil Fitzpatrick). I've also got to experience some traditional Indian celebrations like Diwali and Nepalese celebrations too. Even though I work here it's still somewhere I like to come for a bevvy with everyone.

Miss Maya Beattie-Spencer OBE

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