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A Day in the Life of Spraoi

Helene Jensen, one of our wonderful bar staff writes of a day in the life of her dog Spraoi. Take it away Spraoi.....

Hi I am Spraoi, (this means fun or play in Irish) although sometimes, I think my name is tar anseo anois because my human always shouts this at me when we go for walks.

I'm a Jack Russell from Templemoor, but now I live in Liverpool. You may know my mum as she works behind the bar in The Irish Center, she has Viking-blood in her - but don't worry, me and my Dad have her semi domesticated - so you're grand! My Dad's from Thurles in Tipperary so it wasn't too bad moving to Liverpool.

While Mummy was thinking of something to write - I had a great idea! I figured she should write about me and how I spent my day in lockdown yesterday, it was a good day, lots of play and I stole her lollipop when she wasn't looking - so nice!

In the afternoon it was sooo warm, my humans decided to have an ice-cream - this isn't fair! I wanted one too, all of a sudden she gave me one all to myself. I didn't have to share! She removed the chocolate and told me I can't have it because it's bad for dogs, I think she just wanted all the chocolate for herself!

That's how I spent my day yesterday!

I can't wait for Corona to be gone, maybe she‘ll take me to work with her.


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