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Backing Rob In The Green

Pope - EdgetoEdge

Rob Pope (Scouse Forest Gump) is off on one of his amazing adventures again.

What is he doing?

Rob is running From the Spanish Arch Galway to the Ha’Penny Bridge Dublin via Tullamore

Do you know the route?

Who could you get out to cheer him on?

He will be leaving Galway late Saturday night 6th August going into Sunday 7th August. His aim to get to Dublin for a pint of Guinness before last orders on 7th August into early hours of 8th August for the Edge’s birthday on 8th August 00:00 #edgetoedge

What can we do to help/support?

On Sunday 31st July we will have three options to join Rob in his final preparations

8am From the Liverpool Irish Centre: A 13-14 mile run

Option two: In town approx 3 miles around the Irish Bars to get him in the mood for the Emerald Isle.

Option three: join us at the end at the Liverpool Irish Centre for a little breakfast and music to get him in the mood.

Maybe you would like to tell him something about the route advice and link it to your knowledge.