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A Paltry ''Poem'' Composed in a Period of Pestilence

A Paltry ''Poem'' Composed in a Period of Pestilence

This Covid crisis won't end soon

And we'd our crossing booked in June.

For forty years and a bit more,

We've made an annual motor tour,

Of Ireland's back-roads, East and West.

We've seen The Country at its' best.

We've never used a G.P.S.

Relied on maps from the O.S.

For with Cill- Na-This and Bally- Na -That,

You soon lose track of where you're at!

Tens of years of back-road touring,

With views that set our spirits soaring.

This Town, That Town,  Glen and Rath,

Twisting trail and rutted path.

We know we've seen most roads before,

North and South from shore to shore.

But there's some more, a very few,

That we'd still like the chance to do!

So, when this ''Bloody Lockdown's" past,

We'll book another passage FAST!



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