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Happy 90th Birthday Ann!

Ann Morrissey is 90 years old today!

Ann was born in Bootle but travelled to Greencastle, Warren Point numerous times and still tells the tales of what she got up to when she was over there!

Ann met Chris Morrissey at the old Shamrock Club in Lime Street - which was the first Irish Centre in Liverpool.

They both made many friends from there and the other centre at Mount Pleasant, where Chris was involved in such things as hurling with Phil Fitzpatrick and on the door with Colum Walsh amongst many others things, and people, who have now passed as well as him, Ann’s soul mate.

Ann lived in the parish of Saint Richards, where she married Chris, having six children,

She went without, to ensure the children didn’t.

When the Irish Centre moved to St Michael’s so did she, each year, buying presents to be given out at the Christmas party and dressing up with her buddy and daughter Colette, Father and Mother Christmas.

Ann and Colette regularly attend Tea Dances at The Centre, on each meeting she pulls out sweets, biscuits or cakes, all from her Mary Poppins bag, to share with the people around her.

Ann can also be found handing out the county flags that she‘s collected and brings with her, to such occasions as St Patrick’s Day.

During lock-down Ann has been learning to use the iPad for mass and to contact the family. BUT, true to form, she goes one further to call her daughter...saying she’s found shops in Ireland to buy Arran jumpers!

Even at her age she‘s been phoning people up during lock-down checking in on them, sending ‘I’m thinking of you cards’ or arranging Mass cards to be sent for various occasions.

There’s no stopping her and long may it continue.

We wish you a VERY HAPPY 90th Birthday Ann! From all of your friends at Liverpool Irish Centre.

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