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Liverpool Irish Centre Resolutions

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Annual General meeting of the Liverpool Irish Centre

Date Thursday 3rd December 2020

Time 7pm

A The following resolutions will be before the meeting

1 That the accounts for the year end March 2019 be approved.

2 That the Committee have the authority of the members to negotiate a new lease with our landlord the Archdiocese of Liverpool on the best possible terms.

Liverpool Irish Centre 2019YE.pdf
Download PDF • 50KB

B The meeting will also consider the application of the following to join the committee:

1 Colum McCauley

2 Paul Kiangley

Download DOCX • 20KB

Download PDF • 364KB

Under the terms of the constitution (Clause 13 (d): ‘The vacancies so arising may be filled by the decision of the members at the annual general meeting’ so there needs to be a vote. There are vacancies, as the maximum number of trustees is twelve (Clause 12 (3) and we currently have nine committee members. We need members to vote on these four items. You can do so either by email or in person. If you wish to vote by email: Please email Maureen Morrison on indicating your votes in relation to the above items (A1, A2, B1, B2) providing your full name and address and membership number. The deadline for voting by email is Wednesday 2nd December. If you wish to attend the meeting, please email Maureen Morrison with your details (full name and address and membership number).

We are limited to 50 places including members of staff and committee members. Applications to attend in person will close at 5pm on Tuesday 1st December. If all places are filled earlier n announcement will be made.

The documents referred to at A1, B1 and B2 will be available on the website.

The present intention is for the meeting to go ahead. It will be short and we aim to finish within an hour. If revised Coronavirus regulations do not allow us to hold the meeting we will give as much notice (time and methods of communication) as possible. In view of the current situation there is no need for anybody to send their apologies.

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