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Having the Craic with Joe England

Today, we're having a bit of craic with Irish Centre legend Joe England.

I heard this little story from a relative in Canada and thought it might give us all a laugh in these difficult times.

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, The Pope, Angela Merkle and a ten year-old school girl were all on an aeroplane that was about to crash. There was only 4 parachutes and they had a discussion as to who should have one.

Donald Trump said I am the smartest man on earth, I lead the biggest and best nation so I have to have one. With that he saluted everyone, shouted keep America great and jumped out of the plane.

Boris Johnson said my country is in the midst of a crises and needs me desperately so obviously I must have one and he strapped on a parachute and jumped.

The Pope said there can be no arguement that I lead more people than anyone and those people need me in this crises so I must go to them. He put on a parachute and jumped out.. 

Then Angela Merkle said to the school girl I can't understand it there was definately only 4 parachutes but there are 2 left.

Well said the school girl I didn't like to say anything but that man who said he was the smartest man on earth just strapped on my school bag.


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